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The 9 Essential Oils that Cleanse, Shield, & Ground

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

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Western medicine is an important part of maintaining our everyday health and well being, however, there are times when we feel like there has to be other options besides taking a pill or suffering through. There may even be healthy homeopathic ways that are proven to help with preventing, warding off and protecting from before we ever get to the point of having to seek medical advice.

Stress, anxiety, mental fog, frayed nerves, insomnia, sensory sensitivity, low energy are just a few of the symptoms essential oils have been used to assist with alleviating. They are also used by those who practice naturopathy to ward off unwanted pests, both internal and external. We are not saying in any way that homeopathy is a substitute for Western medicine, but perhaps, when used in conjunction with seeing our health care professionals we may find ourselves in better health, wellness and spirits. Furthermore there are many practical applications for the use of essential oils that will rid our homes of harsh and harmful chemicals.

What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are the distilled, concentrated essences of a plant that contain their highly potent compounds. Essential oils are different in that they contain naturally occurring elements, rather than synthetic materials or harsh chemicals. Mother nature has provided humans with all we need and for thousands of years we have been using the gifts she has given for our benefit. Traditionally, essential oils have been used for:

  • Aromatherapy

  • Self-care

  • Medicine Purposes

  • Spiritual Practice

  • Cosmetics & Beauty

  • Food Preparation

  • Natural Pesticide

By using essential oils, you are using natural products to holistically influence your environment for the better

What is dōTERRA?

The essential oils in this article are all provided and cultivated by dōTERRA, a company offering the highest quality essential oils in the world. Not only do they provide the purest, high-grade oils on the market, but they utilize a professional team of in-house scientists and accomplished medical advisors to provide scientific backing that their products are effective. For more info, be sure to check out dōTERRA Science.

We are not saying that other essential oil companies are ineffective. However, when using dōTERRA we can ensure that we are getting the highest quality, purest and most effective product, which will in turn yield the highest probability for success and expected outcome when using essential oils in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle and modern medicine.

Now that we have given you an overview and hopefully deeper understanding of Essential Oils, let’s get to the good stuff!

What Makes Them Essential?

All of the oils in this article serve 3 primary and critical functions. These oils will assist in:


Essential oils that help with clearing and cleansing, getting rid of the thoughts, emotions, energy, and disease that do not serve us. These oils aid in clearing our minds, purifying the air, home surfaces, and even our face & skin.


Oils assist us in building a mindset that is mentally, physically, and emotionally fortified and protected. Not only that but they can reduce environmental sensitivity and disturbances. These oils also can support healthy bodily functions, and will leave you feeling strong and healthy.


Essential oils that aid in creating a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere, bring harmony to the mind, body and soul. These oils are wonderful when diffused or used in massage oils and lotions, helping to calm our nerves and thoughts and even assist us in getting a better night’s rest.

Please enjoy our comprehensive list of the 9 essential oils to assist with clearing, shielding & grounding.* If you are interested in Purchasing any of the dōTERRA Oils on this list they can be ordered by clicking here.

The 9 Essential Essential Oils

Douglas Fir :

Clearing, Grounding. Can be used aromatically, topically. With/without dilution.

Most frequently used in the Christmas tree industry, Douglas Fir oil provides a clean, refreshing woody aroma that fosters an optimistic and stimulating environment. Can also be used to clean and reinvigorate your skincare routine. Add to a diffuser, soap body wash, or facial cleanser.

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Clary Sage

Grounding. Can be used aromatically, topically, internally. With/without dilution.

Dating back hundreds of years, Clary Sage relaxes and soothes the skin and mind. This essential oil has a grounding and relaxing quality that can promote deep sleep. Add to bath water or use for a calming massage.

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Grounding, Shielding: Can be used aromatically, topically, internally. With/without dilution.

Known as the “king of oils”, Frankincense has been one of the most prized commodities since ancient history. It provides a soothing warm, spicy aroma and when used can support, protect, and rejuvenate the skin. When ingested it promotes physical balance and homeostasis.