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doTERRA  Wellness Advocate


As a dōTERRA wellness advocate, I will do my upmost to provide the most accurate and up to date information on the beauty and wellness properties of the products I provide.

All essential oils provided are of the highest quality in the world and dōTERRA utilizes a professional team of in-house scientists and medical advisors to give evidence to the efficacy of all products in regards to personal beauty and wellness.


For more info, be sure to check out dōTERRA Science & the Essential Oil Safety Guide.


What Tools can be Used While Meditating or Balancing Chakras?

I’ve found throughout the years that using essential oils is a highly effective tool while meditating. They help with focus, clarity, feeling calm, and helping to create a sense of inner peace.

Using Essential Oils to Balance Chakras

If you’re already using essential oils during meditation – you might have found that it is a helpful way to help balance the chakras.  If you’re just starting out – no worries!  I’ve put together a series of guided meditations for balancing chakras that’ll help you incorporate essential oils.  Two great methods for using essential oils with your meditation practice are aromatically and topically.  This will mean you can diffuse your essential oils while you meditate OR you can apply the essential oil directly to the specific area of the body where the chakra is located or simply just put a drop or two on your wrist or into your palms and rub them together.  Any of these ways will help direct your mind toward the feelings you’re intending to promote.

Where does a True Essential Oil Come From?

Essential oils come from plants, their leaves, stems, bark, petals, or roots.  This is where the “vibrations” come in. All of nature is highly vibrational and it is why you want to use the highest vibrational oil you can find.  And beware of oils at the store that claim to have “100%” of a specific oil in them.  Most of those contain TRULY little – if any – of that oil in them, while most of that bottle of oil contains fillers, synthetics, and is likely highly diluted.  If you use a low vibrational oil – it is not going to raise the vibrational energy within your body that’s required to make the shifts to cleanse or balance your chakras. Your body recognizes much more easily the natural and pure properties of a 100% pure, certified therapeutic grade essential oil.  I personally recommend doTERRA essential oils due to their truly pure qualities.


*Before applying essential oils directly on your skin, please make sure you don’t have any sensitivities to this essential oil and that you’ve read the safety and awareness guidelines on my website

Product Claims & Disclaimer

*From Section 11 of dōTERRA Policy Manual

A. Food and Drug Administration Standards. Many products fall under nutritional and cosmetic classifications set forth by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The FDA regulates and oversees the production and sale of nutritional and cosmetic products to assure their safety and proper representation to the public. The FDA also has labeling and packaging standards with which the Company must comply.


B. Federal Trade Commission Standards. Similarly, advertising is regulated by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Laws enforced by the FTC require representations made by the company, or Wellness Advocates, about the health benefits, performance, efficacy, safety or ingredients of doTERRA Products to be based upon competent and reliable scientific evidence that substantiates the representation being made. “Competent and reliable scientific evidence” means tests, analyses, research and/or studies using procedures generally accepted by experts in the relevant scientific field that yield accurate and reliable results and that have been conducted and evaluated in an objective manner by persons qualified to do so. Further, the FTC requires representations about a business opportunity, including earnings claims, to be truthful and non-misleading, which means that claims about the potential to achieve a wealthy lifestyle, career-level income, or significant income are misleading if participants generally do not achieve such results.  All earnings claims must be accompanied by the doTERRA Opportunity and Earnings Statement.


C. Permissible Claims. A Wellness Advocate may represent that doTERRA products are safe to use and are:

  1. specifically formulated to support wellness; and

  2. intended to improve personal appearance.


D. FDA Disclaimer. When discussing the benefits of doTERRA products, a Wellness Advocate should refer to the FDA statement on doTERRA product labels: “These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.” 


E. No Curative or Drug Claims. A Wellness Advocate may not make any medical claim for any product nor specifically prescribe any given product as suitable for any specific ailment, as that type of representation implies the products are drugs rather than nutritional supplements or cosmetics. Under no circumstance should these products be likened to drug products prescribed for the treatment of specific ailments or that such products alleviate disease symptoms or prevent diseases and disorders. While the Company makes every effort to achieve full compliance with complicated and periodically amended FDA regulations, no Wellness Advocate should state or infer that any product is approved by the FDA. The FDA does not require or grant specific approval for individual nutritional or cosmetic products.


F. Disclosure. When promoting doTERRA or doTERRA products, a Wellness Advocate must disclose the fact that the Wellness Advocate is a doTERRA Wellness Advocate who receives Bonuses and commissions from the Company.

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