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About Me

About Me

About Me

The Coach

Hello! My name is Carol Conklin, M.C.L.C. I am a trained Master Certified Life Coach who is excited to get to know you for EXACTLY who you are... without any judgement or preconception.  I'm here to listen and learn with you.


Facing change (or not knowing when a change is needed) can make us feel "stuck" in life.  Stuck with emotions or situations we're not sure how to deal with.

"See the gift in everything"...


With the loss of 3 family members at nearly the same time, I became very familiar with the grieving process. Rather than lose myself in the emotions of loss and remaining stuck there, I found healthy and productive ways that have helped me move forward.  It proved that I was way stronger than I thought. And so began my coaching journey. 


I'm always looking for ways to better serve my clients. One discovery is that I've been training with horses, and I'm utilizing Equine Assisted Coaching within my practice.  "Horse Wisdom" is an amazing discovery I've made! Additionally, I'm trained in reiki, natural wellness, and use mediation and essential oils within my practice to offer a natural and holistic approach to growth and healing.  


I look forward to working with you!


A Promise

"Trust Your Journey"...


I provide a safe and comfortable space where you can have the freedom to be yourself without any concern of judgement. I offer an experienced and open mind that's genuinely curious to know more about YOU and YOUR journey. 

We'll work together to uncover what you want out of life as you discover your power, freedom and confidence to help you decide how you want to proceed. 

During your sessions - I'll be at your side. I'll use all the tools I have from coaching, life experience, natural and holistic remedies, and other trainings to ensure you get results in reaching your goals.


I am someone who believes that EVERYONE is capable of feeling worthy and finding their power.


Master Certified Life Coach


Pets & Animal Reiki Master

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